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News Coverage

A few weeks ago CUI attended Iloilo’s first ever business summit.  The emphasis was on sustainability so naturally, with our focus on sustainable development in the Metro Iloilo-Guimaras Bioregion, we couldn’t miss it! This interview happened really randomly and I’m … Continue reading

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Sustainable Business for Low-Income Communities in the Watershed

Today I went around with some of the leaders of the Tigum-Aganan Watershed Management Board – Technical Working Group (TAWMB-TWG).  Our mission, to pick-up the Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP) in half of the bioregion along with any other environmental … Continue reading

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EcoFarms: Sustainable Farming to Ease Philippine Poverty

In meeting with different regional government agencies there have been some really fantastic tours.  One of these which I had to make sure I had my camera for was with the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), which, in addition to serving … Continue reading

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Green Spaces of Manila

Metro Manila is a booming metropolis whose infrastructure is overwhelmed by a rate of population growth that adds a thousand new residents everyday.  The demand for real estate is so intense that entire stretches of Manila is barren of trees and even … Continue reading

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What if… “the Philippines remained an American colony”

On my flight heading back to Iloilo City from my weekend trip in Manila I found this really interesting article that asks the question, “What if… …we were still an American colony in 2011? Tim Tayag humors us with what … Continue reading

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If Earth is a Spaceship is Laika the whole Crew?

“God can forgive, Environment can not” – Aganan Integrated Watershed Plan Report

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A Day in the Life

As I was going through the day at work it struck me that this was a very typical day for me in the field.  And that made me very glad how well this project is going. My days so far … Continue reading

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