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I am a student at the Clinton School of Public Service, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I am earning my Masters degree in public service, focusing on environmental urban planning administration. This summer I am working with the Canadian Urban Institute's Urban Partnership Program (UPP) Philippines in Iloilo, which brings us to the purpose of this blog - to expand on the adventures and lessons from my life and work with CUI here in the Philippines. I am also interested in building social bridges between the divisions of social class, gender and sexuality, developed and developing nations, and civic, government, and corporate bodies. I am also a lover of espresso, microbrews, public parks, books, travel via CouchSurfing, languages, and meeting new people. On that note, please feel free to message me if the content of this blog perks your interest. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon!

News Coverage

A few weeks ago CUI attended Iloilo’s first ever business summit.  The emphasis was on sustainability so naturally, with our focus on sustainable development in the Metro Iloilo-Guimaras Bioregion, we couldn’t miss it! This interview happened really randomly and I’m … Continue reading

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Sustainable Business for Low-Income Communities in the Watershed

Today I went around with some of the leaders of the Tigum-Aganan Watershed Management Board – Technical Working Group (TAWMB-TWG).  Our mission, to pick-up the Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP) in half of the bioregion along with any other environmental … Continue reading

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EcoFarms: Sustainable Farming to Ease Philippine Poverty

In meeting with different regional government agencies there have been some really fantastic tours.  One of these which I had to make sure I had my camera for was with the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), which, in addition to serving … Continue reading

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Green Spaces of Manila

Metro Manila is a booming metropolis whose infrastructure is overwhelmed by a rate of population growth that adds a thousand new residents everyday.  The demand for real estate is so intense that entire stretches of Manila is barren of trees and even … Continue reading

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What if… “the Philippines remained an American colony”

On my flight heading back to Iloilo City from my weekend trip in Manila I found this really interesting article that asks the question, “What if… …we were still an American colony in 2011? Tim Tayag humors us with what … Continue reading

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If Earth is a Spaceship is Laika the whole Crew?

“God can forgive, Environment can not” – Aganan Integrated Watershed Plan Report

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A Day in the Life

As I was going through the day at work it struck me that this was a very typical day for me in the field.  And that made me very glad how well this project is going. My days so far … Continue reading

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