Green Spaces of Manila

Metro Manila is a booming metropolis whose infrastructure is overwhelmed by a rate of population growth that adds a thousand new residents everyday.  The demand for real estate is so intense that entire stretches of Manila is barren of trees and even weeds are scarce.   While parks are typically just found in such affluent areas of Metro Manila like Makati, parks, they do illustrate how public-private efforts can provide fantastic public spaces.

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These pictures provide glimpses of the public and corporate parks, green roofs, and plazas which dot the urban environment of Manila, providing spaces for people to both reconnect with nature and to come together and get away from the hustle of a city so intense it makes NYC seem chill.  


About GBC

I am a student at the Clinton School of Public Service, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I am earning my Masters degree in public service, focusing on environmental urban planning administration. This summer I am working with the Canadian Urban Institute's Urban Partnership Program (UPP) Philippines in Iloilo, which brings us to the purpose of this blog - to expand on the adventures and lessons from my life and work with CUI here in the Philippines. I am also interested in building social bridges between the divisions of social class, gender and sexuality, developed and developing nations, and civic, government, and corporate bodies. I am also a lover of espresso, microbrews, public parks, books, travel via CouchSurfing, languages, and meeting new people. On that note, please feel free to message me if the content of this blog perks your interest. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon!
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One Response to Green Spaces of Manila

  1. Ruth Cooper says:

    Love the pictures. Is Manila larger than Manhattan? Looks like a lot of green spaces from your pictures, Do they have large areas or lots of smaller parks? The dog with shoes is crackin me up! And what’s up with the varmit on the leash? Common or just a rare siting? How did you get around Manila? You know mom, I want explanations for everything! If you are going to be my live travel channel, there is much more your audience wants to know.

    Was you work here more informational or were you working on specifics?

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