What if… “the Philippines remained an American colony”

On my flight heading back to Iloilo City from my weekend trip in Manila I found this really interesting article that asks the question,

“What if…

…we were still an American colony in 2011? Tim Tayag humors us with what we could have been had the Philippines not won its independence in 1946

SEVERAL MONTHS AGO, Senator Bongbong Marcos made a highly debatable statement: “If my father [Ferdinand Marcos] was not exiled, the Philippines could be a Singapore now.” Or something to that effect. Taking his cue, can we boldly declare: “If the Philippines remained an American colony, the country could be a Hawaii or Puerto Rico or a Guam right now?” How would our lives be different?

Our faux American accents would be justified.
You wouldn’t have to work in a call center or be a DJ to sport a heavy drawl or twang. When people ask, “You talk like you’re from the US, where you from?” you can answer proudly, “I’m from the coffee state of Batangas, biatch!”

Our sari-sari stores would have more PX Goods. 
I love Chocnut, but it would be nice to have a broader variety of junk food at our disposal. Sari-sari stores would carry American items as Twinkies, Three Musketeers, Captain Crunch, fresh milk in a carton and Corona beer.

We wouldn’t need a US visa… 
Or need to line up at most embassies, for that matter. We would enjoy the same “no visa policy” that most of the world enjoys — except for China and other countries that aren’t too crazy about the Yankees. Japan, Europe and the rest of North America would welcome us without that condescending look as if we’re coming to take away their jobs. We could rightfully say, “I’m here to spend money, so stamp my passport and get out of my way!”

American Idol would be dominated by Pinoys.
Ryan Seacrest would learn how to speak Tagalog or Chabacano — after all, the top 24 would all be Filipinos belting out songs like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Umbrella, Easy Like Sunday Morning and Anak. And there would finally be an American Idol of Pinoy descent.

Street kids would wear reflectorized vests. 
In true enterprising Pinoy fashion, they would still peddle their wares on EDSA, but at least they would be dressed appropriately to keep them from being run over.

Amusement parks would be scary for the right reasons. 
We would be thrilled by huge drops and scream-inducing speed not worrying about getting tetanus from rusty metal or whether the ride passed the safety inspection.

We would get some of that Obama bailout money. 
We could cry like those on Wall Street and get a piece of the stimulus package pie.Truth is, we’ll never know for sure. We are where we are for a good reason; what it is, I still do not know. What’s clear is we gotta love the Philippines, for better or for worse.”

Article taken from http://www.cebusmile.com/2011/06/03/what-if/


About GBC

I am a student at the Clinton School of Public Service, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I am earning my Masters degree in public service, focusing on environmental urban planning administration. This summer I am working with the Canadian Urban Institute's Urban Partnership Program (UPP) Philippines in Iloilo, which brings us to the purpose of this blog - to expand on the adventures and lessons from my life and work with CUI here in the Philippines. I am also interested in building social bridges between the divisions of social class, gender and sexuality, developed and developing nations, and civic, government, and corporate bodies. I am also a lover of espresso, microbrews, public parks, books, travel via CouchSurfing, languages, and meeting new people. On that note, please feel free to message me if the content of this blog perks your interest. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon!
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One Response to What if… “the Philippines remained an American colony”

  1. If were still an American Colony, I would have a happiest time of my life since Metallica, Aerosmith and Tool would be touring my place every month. And I won’t have to be miserable every time I go to a record bar and not find pirated CDs.

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